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To maintain the financial health and stability of the Aleppo Mounted Patrol. Sponsorships will be accepted from businesses and individuals who wish to see the Patrol succeed and represent Aleppo Shrine and the Boston area.

Sponsor guidelines:

There will be no limit on the number of sponsors that a rider may acquire. The rider may determine how any amount over and above the annual stable fees are to be assigned, with the Board’s approval.

New annual sponsorship of $100 to $300:

Sponsors name will be placed on plaque in the Clubhouse.
A link on our web site for 6 months.

New annual sponsorship of $300 or more:

Personal or business name will be placed on the rider’s stable door, if desired.
Sponsor’s name will be placed on a plaque in the Clubhouse.
An advertisement and link on our web site for 1 year.
The sponsor will receive a horse plaque.

Amount of annual sponsorship:

The following suggestions may be used to assist a sponsor in determining the amount of an annual sponsorship:

Full horse=$500
Three quarter horse=$300
Half horse=$200
Quarter horse=$100

Clubhouse Plaques:

$100 or more per year – name goes on sponsor sign in the Clubhouse.

Aleppo Mounted Patrol Horse Plaque:

$200 or more per year – in addition to a sponsor sign in the Clubhouse, the sponsor receives a AMHP plaque with a tag showing the year each sponsorship is paid.

Special Sponsorships:

The Patrol welcomes any and all sponsorships and will work with the Sponsor’s wishes. Each will be handled on an individual basis. Examples would be sponsors who wish to purchase a new horse for the Patrol, pay for training of a horse, or sponsor one of the trailers, the buggy, or something other than a horse and rider. For example, the sponsor’s name could be placed on the trailer or on a sign that could be placed at all of our events.

The sponsor should submit their request in writing to for approval by the White Horse Patrol Board of Directors.
The sponsor should provide the correct name to be placed on all plaques.

All sponsors will receive invitations to special Aleppo Mounted Horse Patrol events and sponsor parties.


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REGULAR MONTHLY MEETINGS: Every 2nd Thursday, Aleppo Meeting Room, 7:00 pm